5 Common Summer Roofing Issues

Summer is the most anticipated season of all, but does your roofing think the same? Roofs often take a beating throughout the year, and especially in the summer. They were built to endure hard weather and constant climate change, but that doesn't mean they should be left alone with no maintenance.

You should pay close attention to your roof this summer. Is it ready to bear summer's high temperatures? For your family to be safe, your roof should be your number one priority since it's the one that protects you, them, and all your belongings. 

Discover five issues your roof could encounter this summer and what actions to take if they're already a problem.

Is Your Roof A Victim Of Summer?
Summer can be your roof’s enemy as much as any other season. Ice and snow may be the bad guys that damage your roof, but summer is not that far behind. It's highly suggested to complete maintenance on your roof at least twice a year. But let's focus on five common issues that your roofing could suffer this summer.

UV Rays
UV rays can cause severe damage to your roof. Just as our skin suffers from constant exposure to the sun, the same happens to your roof. They can cause shingles to dry out and eventually crack.

Summer Storms
Being in summer doesn't mean being safe from storms. As we all know, storms come with high-speed winds that can cause shingles to blow off. Missing shingles are a doorway for moisture to get inside.

Leaking Roof
The most common roofing problem is leaks. Watching out for leaks in your roof is a must before it's too late. Leaks are the pathway for mold and further severe damages.

Irregular Ventilation
This issue is found underneath your roof. When there's no proper ventilation inside the roof, moisture and humidity get trapped, shortening your roof's lifespan. High temperatures can cause catastrophic damage.

Moss Growth
Watch out for moss and algae growth on your roof. After a rainy day, with poor roof ventilation, your roof could become a host for moss, causing moisture damage and further serious consequences.

What To Do When Facing Summer Roofing Problems?
If your busy routine has taken a toll on your roof and some of the issues mentioned above are already a problem, ease your mind. If you're looking for roofing companies in College Station, TX, your search is over. At Capital Construction Services, we can safeguard your roof and make all the repairs needed to ensure your loved ones' safety.